Shop Small Ish was born out of a desire to support small businesses through the financial and emotional impacts of Covid-19, which, for many business owners will last for years to come. As more people shifted to online shopping as a result of physical store closures, we wanted to create a comprehensive directory of small businesses you can feel good about shopping from online.
We are here to help you shop smaller and better. But you don't need to shop small all the time to make a difference. Our goal is to help you discover small business alternatives for items you would typically buy at a major retailer. Maybe that means that every other candle you buy is from a small business. Maybe it means you set aside a monthly budget specifically for supporting small. Whatever it means to you, by collectively making a point to shop small when we can, together we can help the small businesses in our communities survive and thrive. 
The word "ish" in our name means a few things. The cheeky interpretation is simply "shop small shit." It also can be spun to mean "shop small some of the time," as we aim to make shopping small approachable to all. And lastly, there are a few businesses listed that are not extremely small, but they are doing good things for the world, so we included them. We consider these businesses small-ish.
We hope this can be something that you return to time and time again. Bookmarking is encouraged!
This website was created thanks to a group of volunteers and contributors. Massive gratitude to all the incredible artists that contributed work to the site. Be sure to check out more of their work via their portfolio links underneath each of the section category images.
Additional thanks to each of the shops that allowed us to feature their beautiful products in the header image on the home page. You can shop from them here:
Thinking Cap in Blue: Poketo
Indigo Neckerchief: Garner Blue
Stripe Tumbler: Not Work Related
Red and White Planter: Veak Ceramics
Ash Magnum Candle: Boy Smells
Checkered Runner: Ana Rodriguez
Wide-Strap Bra & High-Rise Undies: ARQ
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